Summaries by Inventor Colditz, Graham

8IGHT WAYS to Stay Healthy and Prevent Disease
Colditz, Graham

— One important aspect for individuals to maintain health and prevent disease is through an educational understanding of making healthy choices while avoiding unhealthy choices. Clinicians at Washington University in St. Louis have created an evidence-based guide to disease prevention and healthy liv…

Zuum – app
Colditz, Graham ; Corcoran, Heather

— Zuum is a health-risk assessment software that serves as a prognostic for various types of cancer.

Quit Helpers
Colditz, Graham ; McQueen, Amy ; Sumner, Walton

— Quit Helpers is an interactive web-based tool to recommend pharmacotherapy to smokers based on medical and personal factors. Although general information about cessation aids is abundant, Quit Helpers automates the process of identifying a specific cessation aid or combination of aids for individua…


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