Summaries by Inventor Chu, Wenhua

Novel Method and Device to Produce Fluorine-18 PET Tracers
Chu, Wenhua ; Zhou, Dong

— Technology Description Researchers at Washington University in St. Louis (WUSTL) have developed a new method and device for the preparation of flourine-18 (F-18) radiolabeled compounds as positron emission tomography (PET) tracers. PET is a widely used clinical and research imaging tool that will …

New PARP-1 Inhibitors for Imaging PARP-1 Expression in Vivo
Chu, Wenhua ; Rogers, Buck ; Xu, Jinbin ; Zhou, Dong

— [18F]WC-DZ-F is a derivative of [18F]FluorThanatrace and a radiotherapeutic agent. [18F]WC-DZ-F has suitable biodistribution profile, favourable logP and super metabolic stability in vivo. We have demonstrated that [18F]WC-DZ-F is capable of imaging PARP-1 expression in PC-3 prostate cancer xenograf…

PET Radiotracers for Imaging Free Radicals and Reactive Oxygen Species (Materials: WC-4-77)
Chu, Wenhua ; Dugan, Laura ; Mach, Robert ; Mintun, Mark

— Many diseases can be associated with abnormal production of reactive oxygen species (ROS) due to oxidative stress. Currently there is no way to image this in situ. Dihydroethidium (DHE) naturally produces a fluorescent product when oxidized by an ROS. The signal is not strong enough for practical im…


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