Summaries by Inventor Chen, Hong

MR-HIFU acoustic coupling device to improve performance and reduce side effects
Altman, Michael ; Chen, Hong ; Kothapalli, Veera "Satya" ; Xie, Kevin

— Technology Description Engineers in Prof. Hong Chen’s laboratory have developed a multifunctional, MR-compatible device designed to improve the performance of Magnetic Resonance High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (MR-HIFU) by increasing the efficiency of the ultrasound transmission, cooling t…

Ultrasound “painting” for precise, targeted drug delivery to the brain
Chen, Hong ; Williamson, Jeffrey ; Yang, Yaoheng "Mack"

— Technology Description Researchers in Prof. Hong Chen’s laboratory have developed a safe, convenient monitoring technique to precisely deliver drugs to the brain by integrating ultrasound imaging with ultrasound therapy (focused ultrasound-blood-brain-barrier delivery, “FUS-BBBD”…

Non-invasive Technology Enables Brain Tumor Biopsy Without Surgery
Chen, Hong ; Dunn, Gavin ; Leuthardt, Eric ; Petti, Allegra

— Background: The American Brain Tumor Association reports that about 80,000 of the estimated 700,000 Americans that live with a brain tumor have been diagnosed in 2017. The surgery required for a traditional brain tumor biopsy entails making a hole in the skin and skull, placing a needle probe, and r…


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