Summaries by Inventor Biswas, Pratim

Water filtration platform technologies using crumpled graphene oxide nanocomposites
Biswas, Pratim ; Fortner, John ; Jiang, Yi ; Wang, WeiNing

— Technology Description A team of researchers at Washington University, led by Pratim Biswas and John Fortner, has constructed crumpled graphene oxide nanoparticles encapsulating TiO2 and Ag to create reactive, easily cleaned water filtration membranes. The TiO2 and Ag, which can be periodically re…

Real-time air and water quality monitoring with AI-based data analysis and low cost sensors
Biswas, Pratim ; Li, Jiayu

— Technology Description Prof. Pratim Biswas and colleagues have developed an artificial intelligence platform to provide accurate, low-cost analysis of air and water quality by integrating data gathered from particulate matter (PM) sensors and other sources. This technology could be used to make th…

Nanocomposite fertilizer for efficient phosphorus uptake and sustainable agriculture
Biswas, Pratim ; Raliya, Ramesh

— Technology Description Engineers in Prof. Pratim Biswas’ laboratory have developed a nanoparticle fertilizer that increases phosphorus uptake and plant yield while reducing environmental damage and strain on natural resources. Increasing global food demand has prompted the large-scale use o…

Flame Aerosol Reactor (FLAR) Based Process for Fabricating Nanostructured Films for Solar Energy Applications with Unique Compositions
Biswas, Pratim ; McDonald, Rafael ; Thimsen, Elijah

— The invention is a new process for fabricating nano-structured metal-oxide and other films. The films can harvest solar energy in the form of light and convert it to a more usable form (i.e: electricity or hydrogen gas). The films produced by this process have a unique morphology that grants them a …

Efficient, high velocity air purification with a soft X-ray enhanced electrostatic precipitator
Biswas, Pratim ; Chadha, Tandeep ; Fang, Jiaxi

— Engineers in Prof. Pratim Biswas’ laboratory have developed an electrostatic precipitator device that removes ultrafine pollutants and inactivates pathogens from the air at high efficiency and low cost. This gas cleaning system has the potential to replace HEPA filters for air filtering applic…

Stable, non-toxic lead-free perovskite materials for high efficiency solar cells and other semiconductor applications
Biswas, Pratim ; Kavadiya, Shalinee ; Mishra, Rohan ; Thind, Arashdeep Singh

— Engineers at Washington University in St. Louis have discovered a new class of stable, benign perovskite semiconductor materials with performance properties optimized for solar cell and photocatalysis applications. Traditional lead-halide perovskites show remarkable power conversion efficiency in ph…

Achilefu, Samuel ; Biswas, Pratim ; Raliya, Ramesh ; Som, Avik

— Background: Physiological pH changes consistently affect millions of people worldwide. A slight variation in physiological pH exposes the body to various health risks, ranging from common heartburn to the formation of malignant tumors. Conventional methods for buffering pH are accomplished through a…


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