Summaries by Inventor Beverley, Stephen

Leishmania guyanensis with mCherry and luciferase
Beverley, Stephen

— Leishmania guyanensis strain M4147 (+/- LRV) engineered to express two markers, mCherry and firefly luciferase. The constructs are stably integrated into the ribosomal RNA SSU locus. Parasites with these markers can be followed by fluorescence or bioluminescence approaches which is faster and requir…

Leishmania major mutant lacking TOR3 gene
Beverley, Stephen

— The creators used classical homologous recombination to remove both copies of the Leishmania major target of rapamycin (TOR3). This mutant was used to study TOR3’s suitability as a potential drug candidate. Da Silva, L. M., & Beverley, S. M. (2010). Expansion of the target of rapamycin (T…

Leishmania major mutant lacking IPCS gene
Beverley, Stephen

— The creators used homologous gene recombination to delete the gene encoding inositol phosphoryl ceramide synthase (IPCS) from the genome of the protozoan parasite Leshmania major.

Antiviral therapy targeting viruses within parasitic protozoans
Beverley, Stephen ; Kuhlmann, Frederick

— Background: Parasitic infections remain global health threats and often lead to high death rates in endemic countries. Found in 98 countries, the Leishmania parasite is particularly dangerous and accounts for an estimated 2 million cases and 50,000 deaths per year across the world. However, Leishman…


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