Summaries by Inventor Berezin, Mikhail

Nanothermometers for cellular-level temperature monitoring in ablation therapy or research
Berezin, Mikhail ; Gustafson, Tiffany

— Technology Description Researchers in Prof. Mikhail Berezin’s laboratory have developed patented, fast-acting, gold nanoparticle-based optical “nanothermometers” that can detect temperature changes at the cellular level by emitting a fluorescent signal. These molecules were desig…

ID CUBE: Interactive Discovery Cube
Berezin, Mikhail ; Du, Tommy ; Garnett, Roman ; Huang, Yunshen ; Kim, David ; Mishra, Deependra ; Wu, Qian ; Zhang, Hairong

— Background: With the advancement in the area of hyperspectral imaging technology, there is an influx of data being collected from disparate sources of highly sophisticated technology. Processing these data using current software is either non-interactive, in capable of leveraging the wealth of infor…

High Throughput Acoustic Particle Separation
Berezin, Mikhail ; Binkley, Michael ; Meacham, John

— Technology Description: Methods and devices used for acoustophoresis of biologics have been developed and allow for more than 10,000 fold throughput than existing acoustophoretic devices. Applications: 1. Isolation of cells in low abundance (immune cells, circulating tumor cells) from whole bloo…

Dual Light-Emitting Systems and Biological Applications Thereof
Achilefu, Samuel ; Berezin, Mikhail ; Zhang, Zongren

— Background: Near Infrared (NIR) fluorescence can be highly useful in biological systems as it is highly sensitive and allows for detection and imaging of physiological and molecular processes in cells and living organisms. However, radiometric imaging is difficult in the NIR region of the light spec…


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