Summaries by Inventor Andley, Usha

αB-crystallin (cryAB) R120G mutant knock-in mice
Andley, Usha

— Researchers developed these knock-in mice by using homologous recombination to clone the R120G mutation into exon 3 of the αB-crystallin gene (cryab). αB-crystallin (cryAB) helps to maintain protein stability in the eye lens, which is necessary for transparency. The R120G mutation causes…

cryaa-R49C knock-in mice
Andley, Usha

— Knock-in mice with a mutation in alpha-crystallin (cryaa-R49C) that causes cataracts. A knock-in plasmid was generated by cloning the 5′ and 3′ arms of the mouse RAcrystallin gene, followed by mutation and homologous recombination in mouse embryonic stem cells, which were implanted into …


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