Summaries by Inventor Anastasio, Mark

Flexible, “Single-Shot” Image Reconstruction System for Faster EIXPCT (Edge Illumination X-ray Phase-Contrast Tomography)
Anastasio, Mark ; Chen, Yujia ; Guan, Huifeng

— Technology Description Joint reconstruction (“JR”) is a patented image reconstruction technique for “single shot” edge illumination x-ray phase-contrast tomography (EIXPCT). This system uses standard x-ray detection hardware and enables faster image acquisition times, lower…

Deep Learning-Assisted Image Reconstruction for Tomographic Imaging
Anastasio, Mark ; Kelly, Brendan ; Matthews, Thomas

— Background Image reconstruction for any modern imaging technique is an optimization problem. Most image reconstructions methods are iterative in nature and produce sequential intermediate images that are compared to the raw acquisition data and subsequently updated to maximize the likelihood that t…

Transcranial photoacoustic/thermoacoustic tomography brain imaging informed by adjunct image data (combined with 013043)
Anastasio, Mark ; Huang, Chao ; Nie, Liming ; Schoonover, Robert ; Wang, Lihong

— Existing high-resolution human brain imaging modalities such as X-ray computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) are expensive and employ bulky and generally non-portable imaging equipment. Moreover, X-ray CT is unsafe for patients who need long time monitoring of brain diseases …

Photoacoustic tomography of human brain
Anastasio, Mark ; Cai, Xin ; Maslov, Konstantin ; Nie, Liming ; Wang, Lihong

— This technology features a photon recycler to increase light transmittance through the human skull, a subtraction imaging method to image targets through human skull, and a filtering method to improve the contrast. Optical imaging is desirable because high functional hemoglobin contrast can be dire…


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