Summaries by Inventor Amarasinghe, Gaya

Ebola VP30 proteins
Amarasinghe, Gaya

— Ebola viral protein 30 (eVP30) plays a critical role in transcription initiation for viral RNA synthesis. These materials could be used to test for Ebola virus infection. Publication: Xu, W., Luthra, P., Wu, C., Batra, J., Leung, D. W., Basler, C. F., & Amarasinghe, G. K. (2017). Ebola virus VP…

Small molecules that inhibit Ebola viral VP35
Amarasinghe, Gaya

— VP35 is involved in multiple functions crticial to viral replication in filoviruses such as Ebola and Marburg virus. Viruses with VP35 mutations are attenuated in in vivo models. 5.4 million compounds were screened for their ability to bind to VP35 at the key protein-to-protein interface. The screen…

Expression plasmid to examine Kelch domain of Keap 1
Amarasinghe, Gaya

— This expression plasmid can be used to identify inhibitors for Keap1 – a pathway that is invoIved in oxidative stress response and implicated in Marburg virus infection. Publication: Dimerization controls Marburg virus VP24-dependent modulation of host antioxidative stress responses


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