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Low-cost optical sensors for high performance, discrete hearing aids
Liao, Jie ; Yang, Lan

— Technology Description A team of engineers in Prof. Lan Yang’s laboratory have developed ultra-sensitive, broad bandwidth optical sensors that could detect sound in low-cost, discrete hearing devices. This technology utilizes whispering gallery mode (WGM) resonators as compact photonic vibra…

Novel kinase inhibitor drugs to treat respiratory disease or breast cancer
Alevy, Yael ; Brett, Thomas ; Holtzman, Michael ; Patel, Anand ; Patel, Dhara ; Romero, Arthur

— Disease indications: Drug format: small molecule Drug class: first in class Research stage and Preliminary data: Preclinical development of the lead compound for respiratory disease includes in vitro and in vivo efficacy, selectivity and initial toxicity testing. Preclinical development of the…

Hearing Environments and Reflection on Quality of Life (HEAR-QL) Questionnaire for Adolescents (13-18)
Jeffe, Donna ; Lieu, Judith ; Rachakonda, Tara

— The prevalence of hearing loss (HL) in adolescents has grown over the past decade, with rates of 19.5% for HL of >15dB and 5.3% for HL >25dB. Adults with HL are 21% to 39% less likely to have attained postsecondary education than normal-hearing persons and are 1.5 to 2 times more likely to exp…

Small molecules targeting KCNQ in ventricular arrhythmia
Cui, Jianmin

— Disease indication – Long QT Syndrome (resulting in ventricular arrhythmia, epilepsy, deafness) Drug format – Small molecule Drug class – Lead compounds are repurposed drugs Research stage and preliminary data – Based on in silico screening of KCNQ, the researchers selecte…

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