Carbon Capture Summaries

Fuel-Staged Oxy-Combustion Process and Apparatus
Axelbaum, Richard ; Dhungel, Bhupesh ; Gopan, Akshay ; Kumfer, Benjamin ; Xia, Fei

— Technology Description: Washington University in St. Louis researchers have developed new technology for clean coal combustion. The Staged Pressurized Oxy-Combustion (SPOC) system, pioneered by researchers at Dr Axelbaum’s Laboratory for Advanced Combustion & Energy Research, provides a pa…

Modular Pressurized Coal Combustion (MPCC) for Highly Efficient Clean Coal Energy and Gas Production
Axelbaum, Richard ; Gopan, Akshay ; Yang, Zhiwei

— Technology Description Engineers in Prof. Richard Axelbaum’s laboratory have developed Modular Pressurized Coal Combustion (MPCC), an economical, flexible, coal-fired boiler/burner system that could produce electricity at 1.3% higher efficiency than a state-of-the-art coal-fired plant with t…

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