Polymers, Ceramics, Metals Summaries

Scalable synthesis of stable, highly conductive, solution-processable PEDOT particles for organic electronics
D'Arcy, Julio M. ; Lu, Yang

— Technology Description Researchers in Prof. Julio D’arcy’s laboratory have developed aerosol vapor polymerization (AVP), a scalable continuous batch-processing platform to produce bulk quantities of stable submicron conductive particles for organic electronics. Unlike traditional PEDOT…

High-speed perovskite LED fabrication by inkjet printing
Wang, Chuan ; Zhao, Junyi

— Technology Description Researchers in Chuan Wang’s lab at Washington University have developed a method of fabricating perovskite LEDs (PeLEDs) directly on an elastic substrate more than 10X faster than existing methods. Each layer of the PeLED is patterned using a highly scalable inkjet pri…

Passive and Compact Liquid Metal Heat Switch
Weisensee, Patricia

— Technology Description Researchers in Patricia Weisensee’s lab at Washington University have developed a compact liquid metal heat switch with a passive mechanism to control the thermal management system of spacecraft. Unlike other switch mechanisms, the liquid metal version produces high co…

Sustainable rare earth element extraction from coal ash
Jun, Young-Shin ; Zhu, Yaguang

— Technology Description Researchers in Young-Shin Jun’s lab at Washington University have developed a more sustainable and efficient process for extracting rare earth elements from coal fly ash using supercritical fluids. Compared to the conventional roasting and acid leaching method, supercr…

Encapsulation to protect detection antibodies in implantable and wearable biosensors
Chakrabartty, Shantanu ; Gupta, Rohit ; Luan, Jingyi ; Morrissey, Jeremiah ; Scheller, Erica ; Singamaneni, Srikanth

— Technology Description An interdisciplinary team of researchers at Washington University have developed a universal system designed to extend the lifetime of implantable and wearable biosensors by protecting detection antibodies from harsh conditions and enabling a refreshing process to release bo…

Low cost electrode decoupled redox flow batteries for grid-scale energy storage
Ramani, Vijay ; Sankarasubramanian, Shrihari

— Technology Description Engineers in Prof. Vijay Ramani’s laboratory have developed an electrode decoupled redox flow battery (RFB) with stable electrolyte materials that can generate power densities comparable to all-Vanadium RFBs at less than half the cost. RFBs are a promising option for …

Low cost, high performance anion exchange membranes for grid-scale energy storage and other electrochemical devices
Parrondo, Javier ; Ramani, Vijay ; Wang, Zhongyang

— Technology Description Engineers in Prof. Vijay Ramani’s laboratory have developed a variety of robust, versatile anion exchange membrane (AEM) materials that achieve high performance through superior ion selectivity. These mechanically and chemically stable membranes have the potential to d…

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