Modeling-Simulation Tools Summaries

Algorithm and alert process for the prediction and prevention in-patient Treatment-related severe hypoglycemia
Tobin, Garry

— Technology Description: A hospital-based algorithm and associated software that is able to predict which in-patients on diabetic therapy will develop hypoglycemia. It is able to predict in real time which patients are at risk and alert MDs to start interventions to prevent possible side effects or d…

Rational drug design using Boltzmann docking
Bowman, Gregory

— Technology Description Researchers in Greg Bowman’s lab at Washington University have developed an improved method for rational drug and protein design called Boltzmann docking. This process better incorporates the dynamic structures of proteins to identify sites for binding that are not rev…

Method to characterize gut microbiome
Gordon, Jeffrey ; Raman, Arjun

— Technology Description Researchers at Washington University in St. Louis have developed a method to stratify gut microbiota dysbiosis and monitor treatments to correct it. In order to efficiently treat microbiota imbalance, it would first be beneficial to understand the healthy organization and in…

Accurate, efficient 2D strain mapping with robust detection of strain localization
Boyle, John ; Genin, Guy ; Pless, Robert ; Thomopoulos, Stavros

— Summary DDE (Direct Deformation Estimation) and SIMPLE (Strain Interference with Measures of Probable Local Elevation) are two simple Digital Image Correlation algorithms that combine image analysis techniques with mechanical engineering principles to provide accurate, efficient, quantitative strai…

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