Cell Lines Summaries

IgG Monoclonal Antibodies to Enterococcus Faecalis Gelatinase
Shaikh, Nurmohammad ; Tarr, Phillip

— Primary Inventor: Phillip I. Tarr, MD Target: GelE(mAb 8A3)Monoclonal antibodies against E. faecalis gelatinase developed as a treatment for Crohn’s disease. E. faecalis secretes many proteins into the gastrointestinal enviroment – such as Gelatinase (GelE). GelE degrades several proteins including gelatin, collagin, hemoglobin, and bioactive peptides.…

Differentiation protocol for RA-dependent hematopoietic progenitor cells
Luff, Stephanie ; Sturgeon, Christopher

— Technology Description Researchers in Chris Sturgeon’s lab at Washington University have developed a protocol for definitive differentiation of hematopoietic progenitor cells that can be used to develop replacement blood products. This protocol involves a sequential, time-sensitive manipulat…

d42m1 & F279 tumor cell lines
Schreiber, Robert

— D42m1 is a methycholanthrene (MCA) induced sarcoma cell line generated in 129S6 strain RAG2 gene targeted mice. These cells are highly immunogenic and are rejected when transplanted into syngeneic naive wild type mice. F244 is an MCA induced sarcoma cell line generated in wild type 129S6 mice. Thes…

Generating pancreatic beta cells from pluripotent stem cells for diabetes cell therapy or drug development
Hogrebe, Nathaniel ; Millman, Jeffrey ; Velazco-Cruz, Leonardo ; Veronese Paniagua, Daniel ; Wernes, Kristina

— Technology Description: Researchers in Prof. Jeffrey Millman’s laboratory have developed multiple techniques for enhancing the differentiation, maturation and function of glucose-responsive, insulin-producing SC-beta cells (pancreatic beta cells made from human pluripotent stem cells). Downst…

Novel human astrovirus sequences for diagnostics and vaccine development for encephalitis and gastroenteritis
Finkbeiner, Stacy ; Virgin, Herbert ; Wang, David ; Zhao, Guoyan

— Technology Description A team of researchers at Washington University and the Centers for Disease Control discovered, sequenced and patented a novel human astrovirus that can cause encephalitis and gastroenteritis (non-etiologic diarrhea), offering a path to detection and diagnostics. The virus (…

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